Creative Media Work

          I've recently been on the pursuit to switch career paths. My whole life I've taken the creative route every time I've been asked to do something. I believe my spark of creativity began when I was younger from watching my older sister continuously draw and tell me stories. As I grew, I found myself spending my free time drawing and creating things. In elementary school I chose art classes over every other elective and once I got into middle school I found myself creating the yearbook cover, doing photography and working with InDesign. During high school is when I started dabbling with photoshop and video editing. Then in college I upped my photoshop skills, started doing videos for a brand ambassador gig and also doing more modeling. I love learning how to better myself so I've been practicing more recently with Adobe Programs.

Below are some of my more "recent" pieces. Also included at the bottom is a personal multimedia project that I started and unfortunately had to halt. I still hold it very dear to my heart though.                              


I've been using Photoshop for as long as I can remember. I can do anything from simple touch ups to  editing and creating. Can also make Gifs on here.


I just started working with Illustrator in order to work with vector images if needed. Mostly able to create doodles and simple graphics

TIMY Shelfie
TIMY Shelfie
IG story 1
IG story 1
IG Story 2
IG Story 2


Short Ad video. 2019

Revibe. 2016. 

National History Day Fair Documentary entry. 2013.

Personal Project

         I took on a personal project my last year of high school and went pretty deep with it my last year of college. It was a social sustainability project created to reconnect the youth with the elderly for a multifaceted cause. Aka, Project Full Sphere. I wanted the elders to of course get attention, but also for the youth to learn from them. To sprinkle in a bit of environmental sustainability, I had the giving of old teddy bears as part of it. I always found myself telling the elders about the stuffed animal and learning the art of story telling.


        Since moving to NYC, I halted this project. I hope one day to start it back up and help it become what I had envisioned. For now, I hope that the pictures of these people bring you as much joy as it does me.


To check out some of the stories and read more about it you can view the facebook page here