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Cardio without the running!

Hi everyone!

Who else hates running?!🙋🏻

Despite my love for soccer, I absolutely have never been a long distance runner. I honestly think the longest distance I have done knowingly is 3 miles. I can sprint for days, but ask me to run 5 miles and that's going to be a hard no from me :)

Now let's get into my Thursday workout! Since I hate actually running, Thursdays tend to be my cardio days without the actual long distance running.

Here is a quick video on how to do some cardio without the actual running! Using some some tape, or forming some sort of lines that are in a cross shape, you can easily do these drills!

Each drill is separated by number on the video for a total of 10 different ones. You will be doing each one for a total of 30 seconds, with the ones involving alternating feet only do 15 seconds then switch feet. Sorry for the cellphone quality btw!

1) In step one you are just going to use two feet together to go over the horizontal line. (30 seconds)

2) In step two you are still going to use two feet together to go over the vertical line this time. (30 seconds)

3) Using the horizontal and vertical lines, think of them forming boxes and you will be jumping diagonally across, then to the side and diagonally across backwards, forming an hourglass shape. Alternate directions (15 seconds each way)

4) Single foot across horizontal line (15 seconds each foot)

5) Single foot across vertical line (15 seconds each foot)

6) Single foot across diagonally (15 seconds each foot)

7) Alternate back and forth across horizontal line (30 seconds)

8) Rocking back and forth with feet diagonal from each other (15 seconds each foot)

9) Keep foot moving in place while other foot crosses vertical line (15 seconds each foot)

10) One foot over horizontal line at a time, imagine stepping into a box and stepping out of it. (30 seconds)

Good luck and hope this gets your heart racing a bit :)

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xoxo- ChristineP

Music by: Lensko - Circles [NCS Release]

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