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ABSolutely a killer Ab workout!

Hey everyone!

Who here is ready for an ab workout that will get you feeling the burn?! No worries, there is absolutely no way you can find excuses to get out of this workout! It only takes 7 mins and you don't even need a gym!

Here's the video that you can checkout- Let me know your feedback <3 There are a total of 14 workouts, you'll be doing each only for 30 seconds (except the alternating foot one, you'll be doing that for only 15 seconds each foot), so go at your own pace and push yourself as hard as you can.

1) 30 Seconds of full body crunches

2) 30 Seconds of reach throughs

3) 30 Seconds of bicycles

4) 30 Seconds of leg lifts

5) 30 Seconds of reverse crunches

6) 30 Seconds of full body sit ups

7) 15 seconds each leg (30 Seconds total) dead bugs

8) 30 Seconds of heel touches

9) 30 Seconds of spider mans(you can be on your elbows too)

10) 30 Seconds of regular crunches

11) 30 Seconds of flutter kicks (this should all be at about 6 inches- I just still have a back injury so abs are hard for me to do)

12) 30 Seconds of scissors

13) 30 Seconds of criss crosses

14) 30 Seconds of figure 8s

Go at your own pace and take breaks as needed between exercises! Make sure you are breathing through the exercises and keeping the core tight!

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Tobu- Seven Music by Tobu

Good luck! <3

xoxo- ChristineP